I would like to show your movies at a public event, what do I need to do to get permission to do so?
The only requirement we have for showing our films is that you don’t charge admission for them. You can have a larger event, (like a con) and charge admission for that, but as long as the movie isn’t the only thing and you don’t charge anything over to see the movies, then go right ahead!
When are you releasing the next movie?
Short answer: Typically about a year after it gets funded.
Longer, more useful answer – We have several projects in the works and they require time for preparation and proper strategic funding. Not to mention then actual production, post production, etc. So given that, the next project will likely release about a year from now (or longer). Stay tuned. If you’re interested in expediting these through financial means, you can contact Don Early at don.early@

Additionally, our friends at Zombie Orpheus are currently running a Patreon campaign so that fans can directly contribute to ongoing content. Head over to: http://www.patreon.com/zombieorpheus and see if you can contribute that way.

I can't afford to give money right now! Is there any other way I can help?
Yes! There are tons of ways to help! The biggest way is to share us with people you think that would like our movies. We’ve found that our biggest enemy is obscurity, so the more people that know about us the more successful we’ve become.
You can view our movies for free on YouTube (Subscribe please!):

You can also purchase physical or digital copies of our movies at:

I really like a specific scene/song/character/aspect of one of your movies and wanted to make my own derivative work off of it like remixing the theme song, or creating fan art. Can I do that?
YES! We always love seeing and hearing what our fans come up with! We’ve actually released all our works under the Creative Commons non-commercial with attribution license, so we only ask that you don’t sell or try to make money off of any work you do. Also, share it with us too! The best way to share with us is to post up on our facebook pages:

  1. Jim T Booth

    I’m still hopeful that your vendor will provide the promised BlueRay disks for Journey Quest season 3 fulfillment. Even a little information is good information to those of us who NEED Bardic Immunity, escapist humor, and bearded women.

    I’ve already been billed for shipping. I’m hoping your costs don’t go up before delivery actually occurs.

    Let’s make Canadian entertainers great again!

    • Don Early

      That’s a ZOE project. We don’t have any information about it. Thanks.

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