Duamerthrax Matt Vancil
Chris Steve Wolbrecht
Gabriel Nathan Rice
Silent Jim Don Early
Rigor Mortis Airan Sea Wilson
Albrecht Matt Jay
The Cipher Andy Dotson
Kincaid Jessee Stratton
Wolf Steve Payne
Narrator Barry Johnson
Katie Krystel Torkko
Janitor Matt Agee
Pizza Guy Jason Doyle
Editor Eric Stuen
Trophy Girlfriend Cora Reuter
Realist Christine Burton
Dead Boyfriend Reid Farris
Jeff Curt Hubert
Burrito Boy Michael Graham
Right On! Jeffro Thompson
Deli Customers Heather Sewell
  Emily Olson
  Keely Rohweder
Mime Christine Bumpous
Safety Officer Ainslie Kopperud
Escorted Student Brani Nichols
Phantom Organist Jacob Nelson
Talkative Drunk Erik Samuelson
Agreeable Drunk Jason Hanson
Comatose Drunk John Schock
Resident Assistant Brian O’Hanlon
Bible Thumper Greg Pickett
Agnostic Jay Torgerson
News Anchor Don Jacobson
Deskworker Jake M. Casberg
Smokers Lydia-Amy-Jonell
Innocent Youths Michael Tricocne
  Erik Helweg
The Purple Ninja Himself
Stunt Double Victor Prinsen


Script Matt Vancil
Score Alvin Abuelouf
Assistant Director John Schock
Assistant Producer Marina Palm
Tracking Assistants Matt Vancil
  John Schock
  Steve Cook
  Matt Jay
Sanity Consultant Jeff Miles
Publicity Camille Mesmer
  Nathan Rice
  Ben Dobyns
Vehicle Aaron Rose
Web Page Design Mike Johnson
  Matt Jay
Web Page Hosting Jasper Smith
Tattoo Design Jason Doyle
Conceptual Art Phil Price
Makeup Consultant Camille Mesmer
Makeup Design Don Early
  Nathan Rice
Demon Wrangler John Schock
Editor, Producer & Director Ben Dobyns
Executive Producer Matt Vancil
BCT Demo Tape  
Created by Don Early
Female Vampire Allana Delatan
Male Vampire Kevin Myers
Victim Ryan Davidson
Werewolf Chris Duppenthaler
She-Demon Kristen Shay
Warlock Kevin Myers
“Take the High Road”  
Written by Sean Bendickson
Drums, Vocals, Bass Sean Bendickson
Guitar Aaron Bendickson
“Demon Techno”  
Written and Performed by Don Early
Special Thanks To:  
Alvin Abuelouf  
Bob Holden  
Kirk Isakson  
William Becvar  
Beth Kraig  
Campus Safety  
Pizza Time  
Frosty Westering  
Jeff Miles  
Aaron Rose  
Hinderlie Hall  
Nancy and Greg Vancil  
Kris and Keith Dobyns  
Also a special thanks to everybody who pledged money to make this production possible.  
No alcohol was consumed on campus during the making of this film  
Demon Hunters  
A Dead Gentlemen Production  
with the PLU Film Society  
Copyright 1999  
Duamerthrax will return in  
Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake  
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